Professional Services

Focus on Network, Systems, Services and Enterprise Asset Management, encompassing consulting, systems integration, software development and technical support.


Supported by best practices and market models of reference, our consultants apply their deep technical knowledge and vision of business in the analysis of customer.

Managed Services

Our modular and incremental offering allow customers to gradually select what they want based on specific needs and convenience.

We are a technology company specialized in management and analytics solutions for intelligent operations through software and professional services.



AD combines information from multiple management systems into one single panel.


Surprise yourself with DA stunning modeling and visualization resources.


EF is designed to automatically discover the process flows currently being executed.

Who’s Using Icaro Tech Solutions

Intelligent Operations

Icaro Tech’s mission is to bring intelligence to operations that support our global village. We employ technologies, products and services to create knowledge and deliver processes automation and optimization. We seek to provide to humanity means to operate in a more sustainable and socially responsible manner.

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