Innovation is a fundamental part of our DNA since Icaro Tech foundation back in 1997. It continues to fuel our daily dreams towards simplifying people’s life.

To foster innovation, we understand our most valuable assets are our team’s creative potential and a proper environment that allows it to happen naturally. At Icaro Tech, we want people to feel they are inspired and empowered to be innovative.

With that in mind, Icaro Tech created the Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) to maximize its innovative potential. Get to know it.

The Analytics Center of Excellence aims at enhancing Icaro Tech’s performance on Big Data Analysis and improving new solutions’ development, guaranteeing the alignment between customers’ real needs and academic trends.

The ACE is a dedicated and multidisciplinary team specialized in statistics, data mining, artificial intelligence, programming and systems implementation. It is responsible for assessing new trends, technologies, methodologies and mathematical models in order to improve processing speed and efficiency for large volumes of data.

Intelligent Operations

Icaro Tech uses the power of knowledge and information technology to bring intelligence to operations that support the global ecosystem.

We strongly believe in Intelligent Operations being essential for greater team efficiency and companies profitability.


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