Calculation of penalties for non-compliances associated with SLAs with maintenance and field service providers

Communication Service Provider


To ensure service quality and availability, the maintenance executed by third parties must meet a number of pre-requisites, including SLA compliance. These SLAs, service indicators and possible penalties are defined by contract clauses with field service providers. It is quite challenging to constantly check compliance and, at the same time, track the execution performance in order to decide whether penalties should be applied or not.

Icaro Tech’s Operational Performance Management solution does that for you: identifies penalties by looking at contract rules and capturing information from the provided services.


  • Parameterization of the contract rules with field and maintenance service providers
  • Trouble Ticket tools integration
  • Supported by IBM Operational Decision Manager for data processing and penalties calculation
  • Analytical report generation for compliance verification and audit



  • Field service providers’ performance visualization
  • Help identify improper spending
  • Processed data and achieved results history and traceability
  • More agile contractual and business rules maintenance


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