Identity and Access Management

401K and Insurance Company

Main Challenges

  • Implement a new process for identity and access management
  • Automate the identity and access management process
  • Prevent unauthorized access, information leakage and fraud
  • Effectively manage the life cycle of employee accounts and credentials

Implemented Solution

  • Implementation of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
  • Integration of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager to the employee database


“Brasilprev continuously reviews its processes and internal controls and, in Information Technolology, it wouldn’t be different. Previously, user identity maintenance was performed manually by our Service Desk. Now, identity management is automated by our new system that provides each user with the access to the applications that match his/her profile and automatically blocks these same accesses in case of vacations, leaves or dismissal.”

Carlos Madureira, Brasilprev’s IT Director

Achieved Results


  • Automated user profile creation or change triggered by changes in the workforce – hires, leaves, vacations, promotions or dismissals
  • Auto-unlocking of account, allowing each registered individual to retrieve or change his/her password after answering three pre-defined questions
  • Greater control over third-party professionals allowing the automated creation of users and credentials for contractors based on contract terms, such as initial and end dates.



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