Incident Management and Automation

Multinational Mobile Telecom Carrier

Main Challenges

  • How to centralize, manage and visualize incident creation rules for automated alarms?
  • How to increase critical incident handling assertiveness?
  • How to enhance service availability?
  • How to improve operational KPIs?
  • How to calculate losses caused by issues in general?
  • How to detect SLA violations by a 3rd-party service provider?


Implemented Solution

  • Flexible and automatic incident creation allowing faster flow changes
  • Critical incidents prioritization based on:
    • Antenna location
    • Revenue per antenna
    • Antenna traffic
    • Antenna traffic share in its region
    • SLA incurred percentage
    • Revenue loss caused by the incident
  • Decision-making process for WFM tasks creation
  • Validation to decide most suitable resolution for each incident
  • Portal implemented to track SLAs involving incidents associated with 3rd-party service providers

Achieved Results

  • More clarity on operation processes due to more visibility in rule flows used for incident prioritization;
  • Availability KPIs enhancements;
  • SLA KPIs adherence enhancements;
  • Incident management improvements through critical incident priority handling;
  • Incident creation standardization based on alarm characteristics;
  • More assertiveness on incidents handling reducing network unavailability and lowering the risk for SLA violation fees due to unresolved incidents;
  • Auto-assignment of incident resolution groups;
  • Agility and accuracy – faster, standardized and better severity classification;
  • Incident classification rules change time reduction;
  • Operation optimization, ensuring optimal level of availability and performance;
  • Flexibility to support completely different projects from many areas.


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