Management and automation of variable income

Retail Company

Main Challenges

  • Automate the complex sales force commissioning calculation which rules were managed by a single employee on a legacy mainframe application.
  • Fulfil the requests of human resources team for a dynamic incomes policy

Implemented Solution

Deployment of IBM ODM to manage and automate the execution of a variety of business rules based on sales characteristics and employee performance.

Consolidate all the financial information to generate payroll and analytical reports.

Achieved Results

  • Salary policies governance
  • Alignment with business needs
  • From monthly to daily commissioning calculation, with significant time saving in machine processing
  • Easier business rules maintenance
  • Time-to-market reduction

Figure 1 – High-Level Architecture

Figure 2 – “Before” Scenario – mainframe application screenshot

Figure 3 – “After” Scenario – IBM ODM screenshot


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