Operations Automation through an Orchestrator

Multinational mobile and fixed-line carrier

Main Challenges

  • To automate manual repetitive tasks in order to standardize their execution and optimize the operation time.
  • To structure and standardize failure handling procedures executed by operational teams.
  • To reduce operational costs and increase efficiency through resource automation and optimization.
  • To enhance the quality and availability of the service provided.

Implemented Solution

Manual and repetitive routines automation using BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO), allowing:

  • Automatic incidents enrichment to support their handling by operational teams.
  • Automatic diagnosis execution (heath check) in network equipments with preventive maintenance ticket opening using BMC Remedy ITSM, when necessary.
    • Network HLRs backup execution and incident creation in case of failures.
    • Preventive maintenance execution over core network equipments.
  • Automatic corrective maintenance execution to try to solve incidents and events.
    • Troubleshooting to unlock routes in MSS Ericsson elements and associated incident closing in case of success.
  • Automatic number of subscribers in international roaming collection.

Achieved Results

  • Resolution time reduction due to reduction in time to enrich incidents with important information to be used by operational teams.
  • Increased the numbers of auto-solved incidents without human intervention. Approximately 50% of network incidents are now automatically closed by BMC Atrium Orchestrator.
  • Manual action reduction for network equipments preventive maintenance execution.
  • Substantial effort reduction in International Roaming checking. Prior to system implementation, between 10 to 15 minutes were spent on average with this task per HLR.
  • Failure reduction in operational procedures, resulting in safer and more reliable execution.


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