The new digital era asks for new interaction mechanisms. On the one hand, it highlights the importance of dashboards as a summarized model of more complex realities; in the other hand, it recognizes the use of natural language as the easiest input interface for humans.

Cognitive dashboards gets the best of both worlds. They interact using natural language and respond with graphics and associated and filtered views following the request expressed as a text message by the user.

Based on IBM Watson and Advanced Dashboards tools, users can ask their questions in proficient english and get immediate answers in the form of contextualized dashboards as following:

Answer questions such as:

  • What are the three most profitable products in my investment portfolio?
  • How many customers are in line for call center service?
  • How many incidents are handled?
  • Which incidents generates major financial loss?
  • How many technical teams are currently available for support in the New York City area?


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