Data analysis with Splunk

Maximize the visibility of your IT infrastructure and applications. Fully understand user activity in real time.

Ensure a fast and easy to deploy solution, capable of consuming and correlating data from any source, providing a real time fault detection system that brings business visibility and reduce mean time to repair.

Proactively monitor your environment, reducing the time to take action and providing transparency to executive level.


  • Deals with large amount of data, being capable to process petabytes of information daily
  • Fast setup and implementation
  • Simple architecture and designed to scale up
  • Provides visibility to both operational and executive levels
  • Real time fault detection of monitored components
  • Reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and mean time to identify faults

What the solution offers

  • Capacity to integrate with multiple systems and use machine data from any source of information
  • Ability to correlate data from numerous sources, creating new insights
  • Different points of view extracted from the same data
  • Information centralization and standardization
  • Service availability, infrastructure and application monitoring using customized KPIs and metrics
  • Bottleneck detection within the monitored components

Areas we operate

Application Management

Quickly deploy an intelligent solution to monitor end-to-end complex application environments, making the data relevant to troubleshooting and operational decision.

Proactively monitor your environment in order to reduce mean time to repair

Infrastructure Monitoring

Collect and correlate machine data from any technology, maximizing visibility of your entire IT infrastructure and reducing downtime.

Use a designed to scale up architecture that keeps up with the expansion of your architecture

End-User Experience

Delineate and monitor user activity in real time, gathering and correlating information from different sources.

Use gathered information to understand user consumption profiles



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