Making Energy Operations More Intelligent

The Digital Transformation brought significant changes. It created a digital consumer profile with new expectations. Innovation cycles are becoming even faster and new business models also reach the energy sector through SmarGrid, network integration, distributed generation and new automation possibilities, resulting in new challenges and opportunities.

Integrated Monitoring Center (IMC)

Centralized view for your entire operations, KPIs and service level

Intelligent Field Management

Unified interface for status, KPIs and history monitoring

Predictive Asset Management

Customer Service support with a user experience comprehensive view

Analytics Empowering Operational Efficiency

Network equipment management support and new services provisioning


Integrated Monitoring Center (IMC)

Visibility, control and operational intelligence through centralized monitoring – it consolidates operational and telecom network information and correlates with critical facts such as geolocation, affected customers and financial impact.

  • Visibility through dashboards and indicators to different regions and teams
  • Time reduction on fault detection and diagnosis
  • Increased monitoring coverage
  • Data inconsistency identification in multiple associated systems

Intelligent Field Management

Plan, organize, optimize and control the team of electricians in a more intelligent way adding inputs from predictive analysis and real time integration with forecasted time systems.

  • Operational cost reduction: team optimization, fleet management and travel expenses reduction
  • Increased productivity: more tasks performed per profissional on each day 
  • Real time geolocation visibility and mobility solution
  • Improved support service levels and regulatory penalty fees reduction

Predictive Asset Management

Maximize availability through planning, execution and optimization of maintenance and asset lifecycle management based on predictive analysis.

  • Increased availability and reduced impact on production planning
  • Operational cost and unnecessary preventive service maintenance reduction
  • Adherence and compliance with regulatory obligations (ISO 55000)

Analytics Empowering Operational Efficiency

Use of analytics to help increase operational efficiency through bottlenecks, outliers and root-causes identification.

  • Reduction of unproductive technical visits
  • Help on investments prioritization such as pruning planning, preventive maintenance and automation
  • Identification of process bottlenecks, recurring issues and optimization focused in the operation
  • Equipments, manufacturers and suppliers analysis

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