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Intelligent Operations offer the best service quality while operating at the lowest possible cost.

We are seven billion people in the planet today.

With under 1 billion back in 1800, we reached 2 billion less than one century ago. We were never that many; we have never been so close.

We are surrounded by this invisible web of infrastructure and services: telecommunications, internet, electricity, water and sewer systems, highways, airports and more.

Mobility and the internet make us practically ubiquitous. Technology empowers the crowds and defeats dictatorships. We cross the oceans so easily to a point where it would amaze our recent ancestors. Social networks amplify our messages; news cross the planet at light speed. Knowledge and cooperation accelerate technology development exponentially. Our scientific production finds no parallel in humankind history.

We have never been so productive. New behavior patterns emerge. The global village pulses, full of life and energy; oblivious to this invisible web, supported by anonymous and tireless workers. After all, the multitude of equipment and antennas that enable our instant communication require maintenance, as well as roads, buildings and others. Streets and cities need to be cleaned. Air traffic needs to be managed.

Inefficiency and failures in the web bring inconveniences and losses. Lives are lost when ambulances are stuck in traffic jams, or when there is power outages at a hospital. Lives are also affected by the inability to share a special moment with someone due to lack of cell phone signal. The technology has shortened distances; people want to stay connected at all times. Poorly optimized processes waste our scarce natural resources. The planet is dying, people suffer.

Icaro Tech’s mission is to bring intelligence to operations that support our global village. We employ technologies, products and services to create knowledge and deliver processes automation and optimization. We seek to provide to humanity means to operate in a more sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We believe that knowledge and technology applied to operational improvement will lead to a better life. Less waste will lead to more wealth, less hunger. More efficiency will lead to more leisure, more creativity. We are the agents of transformation and we want to positively touch the lives of seven billion people.


Intelligent Operations

Icaro Tech uses the power of knowledge and information technology to bring intelligence to operations that support the global ecosystem.

We strongly believe in Intelligent Operations being essential for greater team efficiency and companies profitability.


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