Balance Costs and Make an Effective Management of Suppliers Using Operational Efficiency Management

1 Aug, 2016News

To promote the balance between costs associated with third-party management and developing an effective supplier management process is key for companies with a significant suppliers’ portfolio. Rigid SLAs full of penalty clauses may be effective in the short term, but do not provide the visibility and control over supplier’s performance that a true efficient company needs.

With its new Operational Efficiency Management solution, Icaro Tech applies cutting-edge technology to help you address the supplier management challenges and have total control over what your suppliers are doing, when and how. You will experience immediate and significant return over your investment by:

    • Reducing operational costs while increasing control over suppliers’ performance that are affecting your operations.
    • Providing performance visibility of each supplier for a group of compatible suppliers to show how they compare to each other.
    • Applying fair penalties and bonuses by overhauling your policies and introducing different tolerance ranges. Give suppliers a better chance to improve their services (and performance bonuses) and reduce the risk of penalties.
    • Increasing customer retention and satisfaction rates because of better services provided by your suppliers.

If you want to know more about the solution, check Icaro Tech Operational Efficiency Management Solution web page or contact one of our reps.

Meanwhile, see what others have to say about being in charge of suppliers’ performance.


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