Paving the way to smarter maintenance with a cutting-edge asset management solution from IBM

20 Jul, 2016News

With help from IBM Premier Business Partner Icaro Tech, Supremo Secil Cimentos deployed an asset management solution that improves maintenance planning, helping to make its production lines safer and more productive than ever before.

Business challenge

When Supremo Secil Cimentos expanded its manufacturing capabilities with a new high-tech production line, it decided to find a better way to plan maintenance and monitor asset performance and costs.

Harnessing a high-tech production line
In Brazil’s fiercely competitive construction industry, standing still means being left behind. Looking to gain an advantage over its rivals, Supremo Secil Cimentos constantly invests in new technologies – such as its new production unit in Adrianópolis, Paraná, which has the most modern and energy-efficient production line in the country.
José Mendes, Supervisor of Inspection and Planning at Supremo Secil Cimentos, takes up the story: “To get the most value from our new production unit, we need to keep it operational at all times. If one important machine breaks down, we might have to stop the entire production line. If that happens, the cost of lost sales can add up to tens of thousands of Brazilian Reals every hour.
“We wanted an asset management platform that could help us take a more planned, predictive approach to asset maintenance. This would help us boost availability on the production line, while gaining tighter control of asset costs, and keeping our employees as safe as possible.”


Joining forces with Icaro Tech, Supremo Secil Cimentos deployed a sophisticated asset management solution from IBM that leverages historical data to help make smarter maintenance decisions.

Gaining a clear view of asset performance
Supremo Secil Cimentos engaged Icaro Tech, an IBM Premier Business Partner, to deploy a solution based on IBM® Maximo® Asset Management.
Almir Lage, Maintenance Manager for the company’s Adrianópolis plant, comments: “Supremo Secil Cimentos chose IBM Maximo because of its ability to manage our company’s assets efficiently and integrate with our other systems. Above all, Maximo fully aligns with the type of maintenance we want at Supremo Secil Cimentos: enabling preventive and predictive (rather than reactive) maintenance and cost control without the need of third-party software.
“In our case, Maximo represents intelligent maintenance. It enables all our maintenance and operational professionals to also act as inspectors. As they work through their maintenance tasks, they can quickly and easily mark each job as complete on the system. And with Maximo, the person who inspects the asset can also act as a planner: they can easily schedule repairs for the problems detected by the inspection online, using tablet devices to register the asset’s condition and plan service requests.
“We decided to purchase the IBM Maximo solution after a thorough comparison between a number of asset management software solutions. Maximo stood out as the best choice from the various perspectives we analyzed.”
Iraja Junior, Senior Materials Technician at Supremo Secil Cimentos, adds: “The sophisticated technology of the Maximo software and support from IBM gave us confidence that the solution represented a good investment for our company. Icaro Tech helped us achieve a smooth deployment, dealing with any problems quickly and effectively.”
The solution holds data on condition, performance and maintenance history for 2,500 production line assets, and enables quick and easy planning of maintenance tasks via IBM Maximo Scheduler. Integration with the company’s Sapiens ERP system also helps the company keep tight control of maintenance-related costs.


The new solution helps technicians take a more planned, predictive approach to maintenance – avoiding costly unplanned downtime, improving the condition of assets, and keeping workers safe.

Smarter maintenance
The IBM solution gives Supremo Secil Cimentos a clear overview of how its assets perform over time. By analyzing historical maintenance data, the company is gaining a new level of understanding about when machines are likely to fail, and how often maintenance tasks should be scheduled.
José Mendes continues: “The IBM solution makes scheduling quick and easy, so we can coordinate teams from different parts of the business and ensure that our maintenance work order process keeps flowing smoothly.”
Iraja Junior remarks: “Ultimately, better maintenance scheduling will lead to better availability and longer life for our production line assets. Fewer breakdowns will mean less impact on production, less costly repair work, and a safer working environment.”
José Mendes concludes: “We have the best production line in Brazil, and we intend to keep it in the best possible condition. This will help us maximize productivity and control costs, giving us a vital advantage in this competitive industry.”

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