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Process Mining and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are very fortunate to witness (and take part in?) the 4th industrial revolution. Exciting times we live in! Instead of steam engines…

Process Mining Empowering Customer Journey Analytics in the Service Industry

In this session we presented process mining techniques applied to customer journey…

COOs & CTOs: run to the hills!

In the financial segment, digital transformation and blockchain seem to be an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

MWC 2017 Days 3 and 4 – Seven Trends and a Missing Link

MWC 2017 kept the same pace as it started. Fast and Superlative.


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MWC 2016 Day 4 – Wrapping Up!

Time to go home and do all the homework after 4 days of intensive discussions, content, high level relationships and, of course, some fun. MWC 2016 closes its doors leaving some clear trends: IoT - or the integration of our daily products with technology and mobility...

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MWC 2016 Day 3: A nice, but not easy road ahead of us

MWC has the tag: “Mobility is Everything”. Walking around and watching the panels, you can see it is really present in everything. Someone waking up in the middle of one of the expositions halls might think he is in Frankfurt Motor Show, seeing all the cars from...

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IOBVD: A brand new weapon for IT and I&O managers

Just recently, Gartner – the world's leading information technology research and advisory company – published a report about tools designed to quantify IT and I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) contributions to business performance, introducing a new industry...

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5 tips to become the COO of the Future

Historically, we think of an Operations executive as a professional who is always connected, have high resilience and is a crisis management specialist. Not rarely, he/she has two or more smartphones and knows every possible way to have them recharged. The reason...

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IBM Choice Award

CAMPINAS, BRAZIL – February 11, 2015 – Icaro Tech, a company that specializes in management and analytics solutions for smarter operations, today announced it was named winner of an IBM Choice Award for Outstanding Business Partner, Latin America.

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