Brazil IT + presents a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014

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One of the main events on the Softex international calendar will bring together over 9,000 executives from the IT industry, including 2,700 CIOs

São Paulo, October 5, 2014 – With 18 companies, 2014 is the 11th consecutive year of sponsorship of the Gartner Symposium/ITXPO, the biggest and most important annual gathering of chief information officers (CIOs) and leaders of the IT industry in the United States. The event will be held from October  5 to 9 in Orlando, Florida, and will receive over 9,000 visitors, ranging from opinion makers, analysts, consultants, executives with decision-making power in large and mid-size companies, including 2,700 CIO’s, and  over 290 vendors.

The initiative is part of the Softex project to promote software and IT services exports internationally, in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil). With over 260 participating companies, the project goal is to encourage new business opportunities in the international market and strengthen the image of competence of the Brazilian national software industry and IT services, identified worldwide under the brand name Brasil IT+.

The following companies will be present in the Brasil IT+ booth at Gartner Symposium/ITXPO: Actminds, Apdata, Aurus, BRQ, Grupo HDI, Icaro Tech, Ilegra, , MC1, Mercado Eletrônico, Milldesk, Navita, , Siena Idea, Sikur, Softexpert, STA Holding, Stefanini, Tokenlab and Totvs. The collective offer of these companies represent wide portfolio of technology solutions and services, including IT security, mobile  and big data applications, Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-Procurement, help desks and service desks, cloud-based solutions developed on demand, and IT consulting and services

“With a boost from TOTVS and Mercado Eletronico as first-timers, and having five companies being part of Gartner reports, this is the most representative year for the Brazilian technology at this show, generating a virtuous circle among the providers, end users and influencers. And it’s important to notice that 11 companies already have offices in the United States” says Fernando Cariello, the Softex consultant responsible for Brazil’s participation in the event.

Considered a strategic target market, the United States is undergoing a period of increased IT investments that is higher than the projections for economic growth. “It is a truly global market. The origin of the supplier doesn’t really matter. The clients are looking for the solution, being it a product or service that reflects industry best practices, follows the required standards and can be integrated into the company business process ” adds Cariello.

The Softex consultant reminds us that Brazilian companies attending Gartner ITxpo 2014 already serve global customers with the widest range of IT needs and excel over other players in the industry because of their unique technological capital, such as professionals who are in tune with Western culture, favorable geographical location and time zone.

The event theme this year is “Driving Digital Business” presenting Satya Nadella, chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, and Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple, Inc. and chief scientist of Fusion-IO, as keynote speakers; this edition of Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014 will receive 9,000 exhibitors and be visited by 2,700 chief information officers (CIOs).

“Since our first participation, the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in 2004 has established itself as one of the most important events on the Softex international calendar. We can affirm that the US market perception of the “made in Brazil” technology has changed a lot. This show brings the opportunity to show our technology capital and to meet purchasing influencers and decision makers with the widest variety of IT requirements”, says Gláucia Chiliatto, international manager of Softex.

Software industry and IT services numbers – The Brazilian Software and IT Services Industry (IBSS) is made up of 73,000 companies and has been growing at an average annual rate of 8.2%. About 604 000 people work in this economic sector, which is considered a priority by the Federal Government and is responsible for generating annual net revenues of approximately US$ 40 billion.

Even with strong domestic demand, Brazilian companies are increasingly expanding their presence in major world markets. According to the Softex Observatory, the studies and research unit of the entity, the net revenue of Brazil from exports was approximately US$ 2 billion in 2013, with the main destinations being the United States, Mexico, Mercosur/ Mercosul countries and Germany.

In Brazil, which today is the seventh largest economy in the world, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has contributed decisively to the increase in competitiveness of the country, which wants to position itself during the next decade as one of the top five IT centers in the world.

In 2013, net revenues of the Brazilian ICT sector reached US$ 149 billion, equivalent to 6% of Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A significant proportion of this amount (US$ 80.9 billion) is for Telecommunications services. However, software (US$ 12.8 billion) and IT services (US$ 27.9 billion) activities will increase their share of the total. Hardware manufacturing accounts for US$ 13.2 billion and the sale of hardware for another US$ 14.2 billion.

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