Icaro Tech grows 40% in 2013 with analytics and management solutions

12 Jan, 2014Sem categoria

Icaro Tech – a company providing integrated management solutions in the areas of Analytics and IT Service Management, Network and Systems Management, Asset Management and Security Management – ended 2013 with a growth of 40% bigger than the previous year. For 2014, the company expects to maintain the same growth level and exceed 30 million of revenue.

According to Kleber Stroeh , Icaro Tech’s CEO, the strong growth achieved in 2013 is primarily a result of the investments that telecom operators have made ​​in management to enhance the quality of services and reduce the number of failures, and the consolidation of Icaro Tech’s own products for infrastructure management and operations .

During 2013, Icaro Tech closed major new contracts within the customer base and won some major accounts such as Nextel and Europ Assistance.

Big Data and Analytics

For 2014, Icaro Tech believes in a strong growth in demand for solutions that help companies to capture and analyze their data and obtain strategic business information.

“Analytics are becoming more relevant because large corporations have a huge amount of data available, but have difficulties in structuring them and take decisions based on them. The need of more efficiency and new opportunities of revenue necessarily involves the analysis of such data,” says Kleber Stroeh.

During 2013, Icaro Tech launched the product Dash Analytics that provides visualization capabilities, advanced analysis and reporting of Big Data, and started to offer consulting services to assist companies in interpreting these data and taking decisions faster and more assertively. “We launched the product Dash Analytics in late 2013 and we have proposals underway in different companies. We are well prepared to take advantage of this demand,” he says.

Apart from telecom, Icaro Tech foresees growth in sectors such as energy, finance and infrastructure. “Our focus is on companies that are geographically distributed and in which information technology can make the difference,” explains Stroeh .

Another goal for 2014 is to increase exports by conquering new contracts in North America.” In 2013, 5 % of our revenue were from exports. For this year, we believe that this number will exceed 15 %.”




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