IOBVD: A brand new weapon for IT and I&O managers

21 Feb, 2016Sem categoria

Just recently, Gartner – the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company – published a report about tools designed to quantify IT and I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) contributions to business performance, introducing a new industry acronym: IOBVD – Infrastructure & Operations Business Value Dashboards.

One of the biggest challenges IT and I&O leaders face today is to demonstrate the value generated by their groups to the overall business results. Historically, this has been a difficult task for such leaders, since they often times report to the companies’ CFOs or other C-level executives very accustomed to dealing with numbers and financial data.

Based on BVDs (Business Value Dashboards – another relatively new concept), the IOBVDs are control panels designed to demonstrate how IT resources, together with I&O, impact the company financial results.

Being able to demonstrate the business impact is one of the most desired metrics by the majority – if not all – managers and C-level executives of the 21st century. Traditionally, tools that these executives have at their disposal focus more on operational metrics (such as network availability and mean time to respond to a failure) rather than on financial metrics, and end up not having as much visibility as they wish.

In many cases, the difficulty in providing strategic data makes the senior leadership team look at IT and I&O areas solely as cost centers. This is a misperception that IOBVDs intend to address.

The biggest difference between traditional IT and I&O support systems and IOBVDs is that while the former provides managers with charts showing system availability, for example, the latter has the ability to use that information together with sales data and translate that into KPIs calculating the system availability impact to the company’s revenue.

By incorporating IT and I&O indicators to financial metrics, IOBVDs allow managers to have a precise vision of what are the contributions these areas are generating to the business. This allows IT and Operations leaders to participate more actively in investment discussions in different domains, from human resources to new processes and technologies, embodying a completely new role in the company’s tactical and strategic decision-making process.

Researches show that, by 2020, 50% of the companies having infrastructure as their core business will adopt some form of BVD. If you are an IT, operations or infrastructure executive, and the company you work for has a similar profile, you should pay close attention to this trend. Most likely, you will soon be an IOBVD user.

Fernando Moraes is the Research, Development and Innovation Manager at Icaro Tech.




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