Process Automation and Operational Costs Reduction

Mobile Telecom Company


  • Operational improvements to solve issues on networks migrating from iDEN to 3G and 4G technologies;
  • Automatically identify, diagnose and correct faults;
  • Reduce operational costs and increase market share by automating processes and operational routines, resulting in more efficiency and network control.

Implemented Solution

  • Consolidate network access alarms, transmission and core on a single platform (MoM – Manager of Managers) with events correlation performed by IBM Impact;
  • Automation of service management processes such as incidents, trouble tickets, changes and service level management implementing BMC Remedy ITSM, including workforce management and fault management integration;
  • Routine and operational procedures automation using BMC Atrium Orchestrator including:
    • 3G Rehoming;
    • Equipment and network applications diagnostics;
    • Network alarms and incidents handling;
  • Elements discovery and access network topology construction, transmission and core using IBM Tivoli Network Manager;
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager as the network configuration management that was implemented to keep all settings performed by Nextel network equipment properly registered, audited and controlled. Besides that it encapsulates the complexity and peculiar communication of each device type on the network to be ready to other solutions;
  • Automated generation of operational and executive KPIs by creating a dashboard on Icaro Tech’s Advanced Dashboards solution.


“We had little time left until the end of the contract and needed to have a smooth transition. A higher level of automation sustained the business case for installing the services, which had volume and continuous automated process.”1

“We were looking for an information technology player that could bring the best practices in operations management and implement the solutions quickly. Icaro Tech showed that capacity.”1

Estevam Araujo, Nextel Head of Operations

“BMC Remedy ITSM and BAO Orchestrator solutions allowed us to finish the first implementation in less than 3 months.”2

Michel Fernandes, Nextel OSS Project Manager

Achieved Results

  • 15% reduction in NOC’s headcount1;
  • 30% less human intervention in the field due to automated and remote procedures1;
  • Reduced costs in rehoming activities due to automation and third-party direct cost cuts2:
    • Estimated savings: US$ 200K per year;
    • Estimated ROI: less than 2 years;
  • Recurring network incidents reduced by 26% through certification tests executed prior to incidents resolution2.


  1. Source: “Nextel bets in automation to increase network quality” article published at TeleTime’s website:  Convergecom
  1. Source: 2015 BMC Engage, Las Vegas – Case “Obtaining Competitive Advantages through Advanced Services and Automation Management”, presented by Michel Fernandes, Nextel OSS Project Manager


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