Making Telecom Operations More Intelligent

Digital Transformation has driven technological evolution. The emergence and mass adoption of new consumer means – such as smart devices, streaming content providers and IoT – forces Telecom operations to keep three key points in mind: operational efficiency, cost reduction and excellence of services provided.

Network Operations

Operations, KPIs and service levels centralized view

3rd-Party Performance Management

Unified interface for monitoring status, key indicators and historical data

Customer Services

Customer services support with a comprehensive view of the whole customer experience

Configuration Management & Provisioning

Network equipment management and new services provisioning support


Network Operations

Increase availability and efficiency, reduce MTTR, minimize issues resulting from changes and optimize team performance against emergency changes through a complete fault, performance and configuration management solution.

Detection, diagnose, troubleshooting and problem resolution time reduction.

Problem prevention through root cause treatment and critical situations anticipation.

Process automation and optimization based on eTOM and ITIL best practices.

Decision making process support.

Centralized view and easy access to status and KPI reports.

Effective SLA management by applying prediction techniques.

3rd-Party Performance Management

Manage performance and contracts of products and services providers, take effective control of associated costs and ensure contracted SLAs using an integrated interface to track status, indicators and history.

  • Automated contract rules measurement and verification
  • Improved measurement and billing capabilities based on each provider’s performance
  • Identify the best provider for each situation and improvement points
  • Selection, hiring and negotiation processes support
  • Accounting assertiveness of due amounts and occasional penalties

Customer Services

Maximize effective customer support, either residential or corporate, broadening the user experience, reducing service average time and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Increased customer support service and perceived quality
  • Improved perception of network versus specific customers issues identification
  • Diagnostic and resolution procedures time reduction and automation
  • Operators support through self-service, advisors and searching tools

Configuration Management & Provisioning

Provisioning services more reliably by automating manual configuration processes, offering network equipment management support and provisioning new network and customer services all throughout an integrated management vision.

  • Restrain the number of employees who have direct access to equipments
  • Agnostic automation – regardless the network technology used – by creating an abstract layer
  • Discovery, backup and configuration restore procedures automation
  • Repetitive tasks, mass activities and compliance policies automation
  • Updating and integration through unified inventory

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