Workforce Management

Maximize return on investment in services, optimize allocation and automate your field workforce management

Gain operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve field workforce planning by optimizing the services provided through Icaro Tech and Click Software’s field workforce management solution.


  • Services optimization holistic vision with real-time dispatch and scheduling.
  • Field workforce business impact planning, approval, control and visibility.
  • Field workforce management single and centralized solution.
  • Control the service provided costs and optimize teams customized allocation based on business rules.
  • Increase service availability and decision making agility.
  • Increase user satisfaction through a differentiated experience.

Areas We Operate

Implementations that contribute to the organizational maturity gradual increase through:

Business visibility and control

Visualize in real-time service delivery KPIs and understand the best way to instantly react to events.

Process efficiency and productivity

Improve all roles in the business effectiveness and efficiency – from field and back-office teams to senior executives

Customer satisfaction

Gain process and customers interactions visibility, generate faster and more assertive responses, optimize costs.

The Solution Offers

  • Best possible allocation scenario to fullfil activities of a given period.
  • Wider ability to handle unforeseen events, maintaining an optimized schedule without compromising business metrics.
  • Balance costs, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with greater visibility and control.
  • Keep field and dispatch teams in sync with real-time information exchange.
  • Manage diverse resources – from workforce to vehicles and equipment.


  • Continuous optimization process throughout the day to handle unforeseen events and real-time changes.
  • Single and centralized solution to support different lines of business, in different locations and criteria.
  • Ability to plan and manage any type of resource – from workforce to vehicles and equipment.
  • Intelligent customer visits plan based on an optimized agenda suggestions.

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